What if my car is financed or leased?

No problem. We will pay the bank directly and cut you a cheque for the difference if you have equity

What if I dont want to trade?

No problem. You can simply sell us the car you have and don't need to trade for a new one

What if i owe more than the car is worth?

This is called negative equity, upside down, under water. It happens and the situation isn't likely to improve. If this is the case you can take our offer and we can pay that amount to the bank. Unfortunately you have to pay the balance at the same time

What will SYCO buy?

Any car truck boat bike or suv. If it burns fuel Bob will buy it.Preference goes to late model truck and SUV's for his USA customers but there is an ass for every seat. Bob knows a lot of asses

What paperwork is needed?

  • ownership
  • lien payout letter if applicable. Must be current
  • proof of ident. Driver license/passport

Will sales people harass me?

Nope. You will receive an offer by email and we will be ready to talk to you when you are. You will have to initiate. We understand your time is valuable

Is there any cost to me?

Nope 100% fee free. You can even take our offer and try to beat it. No hard feelings

How long is offer good for?

Our written offers are good for 7 days. No question asked

Do I need to make an appointment?

Nope. We value and respect your time. You let us know when is convenient for you and we will work around that

How do I get paid?

By corporate cheque and if you want it certified we will do that too

What if when I bring it in there is undeclared damage/issues (i'm not a car appraiser after all)?

We understand that you don't do this everyday. Our form only asks for your honest description of condition or any major shortcomings we should know about. We make our offer in good faith. If something isn't exactly as described we will make adjustments to the offer to reflect the error. No biggy

Do I get any swag?

YEP!!!! You will pick from our selection of SYCO logo'd masterpieces and your name will also go into a draw for a monthly weekend away vacation draw (location determined monthly)


Bob's Commitments to You

You will receive a fair offer based on market conditions.  There are a number of factors that influence a vehicles' value such as condition, equipment, mileage and pedigree. 

The most important factor is knowing where to sell it.  Bob has built a network of buyers of the last 30 years.  He can generally pay you more and faster than you'd find on your own.

Bob is currently licensed as a salesperson in Ontario, is governed by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council.  OMVIC.  

Find his registration details here: